Meet the Characters

M8 Baby and Yogi

Major accidents demand quick responses and where lifting as well as winching is needed, even the most experienced professionals will appreciate the lifting capability that the Recoverer Trident brings to the scene.

Fabricated from extra high tensile steel to give the strength and safety margins for which, the Recoverer Trident’s hydraulically powered three stage boom can be simultaneously extended and elevated to allow the rapid and precise positioning needed for delicate winching and lifting operations.

Boom control is by hand remote as well as by manual control valves. For maximum stability and safety, rear hydraulic stiff legs are standard on the Recoverer Trident. Able to cope with virtually any emergency, they provide the recovery operation with ultimate in performance and versatility.

Peter Pan (Century 5130), Boo-Boo (1624)

This could be one of the most versatile units in our fleet. The Century 5130 is designed with the capability of towing a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars, vans, 7.5t vehicles and motor homes. With multi positional rear hydraulic stabilizer legs, dual 25000 lbs winches and a 30 Ton recovery boom. More than just another tow truck. This unit was designed to handle a wide variety of recovery jobs with the focus on the kerb weight.